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Flooring Installation

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Common problems in PVC flooring installation


As PVC flooring is new and light material, it is more and more popular in 21st Century. However do you know
how to install them? What aspects should be careful during the installation? What will be the problmes if bad

Problem 1: The installed vinyl flooring is not smooth
Solution: The subflooring is not flat at all. Before installation, clean the subfloor, and make it flat.  If it is not flat,
the self-leveling will be needed. The height difference of the surface should be within 5mm.  Otherwise the
installed vinyl flooring is not smooth, which will influnce the use and apperance.
The picture is from one of our client, who didn't make the surface flat in advance.  This is falled installation.

Problem 2: There is big gap in the connection.
Solution: The welding rods should be installed in the connection.

Problem 3: The glue is not adhesive
Don't let the adhesive dry when installation. Don't brush glue to all the area in advance, but just where you will install.
Lay the flooring in the room over 24 hours, then install.

If you meet other problems, please tell us. We could help you to solve it. We could offer the technology support.

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