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Flooring Care

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Consideration of Flooring Installation in Winter


Winter is coming, however most of the building projects are still under going. However do you know the conditions of PVC floor installation in winter? There should be some important points, otherwise it is not suitable to install.
Air temperature: ≥18℃
Air humidity: 40~65%
Surface temperature: ≥15℃
Basic level Moisture content:
≤1.8%(Heating floor)

There are some reasons for poor construction:
1)The sub-floor is too wet, and not dry enough
2)The temperature is low, and the material can’t paste closely to the sub-floor.
3)Influenced by temperature, adhesive curing speed is slower
4)After installation, because of night temperature difference, it is easy to harden or soften.
5)After long distance shipping,the floor doesn’t suit for the local temperature.

To prevent the poor construction, the following measures should be taken.
1)Firstly measure the spot sub-floor temperature. If it is under 10 ℃, the construction shouldn’t be started.
2)12 hours before or after installation, take the necessary measures to keep indoor temperature above 10 ℃
3) If installation on the cement , the water content of the surface should be measured. The water content should be less than 4.5%.
4) The temperature is more lower at the door or window. Before the installation, it should check the temperature there whether it is above 10℃.  Preservation should be taken to avoid temperature difference.

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