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Flooring knowledge

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Distinctive Homogeneous Series Floor


We knew the PVC Floor advantages and usage in our life. However, how much do you know about the homogeneous floor? Let’s learn it together.

The homogeneous floor belongs to Commercial PVC floor. It is different from other Commercial PVC floor.


1. The material is 100% PVC. It has only one PVC layer.

2. About the surface, the homogeneous have directional and non directional. But other commercial PVC floor has not. The non directional floor is more expensive than directional floor.

3. The structure is different from other commercial floor. It has only one PVC layer. However, the commercial floor has UV coating, wear layer, printed layer, glass fiber layer.

4. The homogeneous PVC floor is durable and tough. It is able to withstand heavy traffic, making it the ideal choice for hospital, school, office, supermarket as well as playground, government facilities and bus. Moreover, it has anti-static function, so it is very popular among the factories.

5. The homogeneous floor thickness is 2mm, size common 2m*20m.


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