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How To Choose Flooring For Daycare


There are many things you need to consider when you choose flooring for daycare. Following things will effect the floors: kids falling, juice or milk spills, leaky diapers, the upset stomach leading to throw-up, moving tables and chairs, and toys getting tossed or dragged on the floor. Because of these factors, you may like to look some daycare flooring that are soft, easy to clean, secured so that nothing gets underneath the floors, and something resilient that can hold up to this activity.

Top Joy resilient pvc flooring is a good choice for daycare. With a polyurethane finish surface, it can minimize potential scratches which may show from activity and movement of toys and tables. Thanks for the foaming back, it will help soften the impact of falls and provide some extra cushion underfoot. You can get free samples from Top Joy, and test them to make sure that’s what you need. There are solid colors, cute cartoon designs, amazing abstract painting and so on.  

Vinyl flooring is not the softest material, but it is resilient and easy to clean and is much softer than a wood or tile floor. Vinyl sheets also can be installed over a padded cork underlayment layer that will give it a soft springy feel, making the room safe for kids.

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