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Flooring Ideas

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How to choose qualified PVC flooring ?



Choosing tips for PVC flooring:

1. Smelling with nose to check whether the flooring contains pungent odor, as you know qualified PVC flooring has no odor, but
    flooring with poor quality has much formaldehyde.
2. Testing the stain resistance. Putting some dirt things on the flooring surface, and wipe it with cloth afterwards, if it’s difficult to clean
    the dirt, then the flooring’s stain resistance is very poor.
3. Testing the anti-wear performance. You can brush the flooring with blade or other sharp objects, and the apparent scratch show the
    poor anti-wear performance.
4. Testing the acid and alkali resistance ability of the PVC flooring. Putting little alcohol, oil or hydrochloric acid on the flooring surface, 
    and observing whether the flooring surface be with aging next day, the obvious aging shows the disappointing acid and alkali
    resistance, PVC flooring with high quality is still bright however.
5. Test the antimicrobial properties of PVC flooring. Putting some things which easy to mildew, such as bread, on the flooring surface,
    and put the flooring on the shady place. After that, observing if there is mildew about two days, shoddy PVC flooring has serious

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