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Flooring Care

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How to clean PVC flooring


How to clean PVC flooring, lengthening the life of this surface? The most suitable tools for this operation are the vacuum cleaner, for removing dust and other macroscopic agents; non-abrasive and neutral detergents which – used with a soft rag – help remove the dirt; specific detergents for the most stubborn stains, and liquid detergents for repairing possible scratches caused by wear.

After that, we suggest the cleaning with lukewarm water and neutral soap to be applied with a wet rag. There are occasions in which you have to use a specific kind of detergent. For this reason, it is better to choose the suitable product for the kind of stain you want to remove.

For ordinary cleaning, just brush the floor with a soft-bristled broom and use a wet rag with neutral soap. If stains persist, it is better to use detergents with wax. The remains of the detergent and dirt can be removed with a clean rag in the end.

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