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Flooring Installation

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How To Install Loose lay Vinyl Flooring?


There are four installation ways for vinyl tile, interlocking, self adhesive, glue down, loose lay. Each kind of installation method has its own characteristic and applicable characteristics. Adhesive-free, glue-free, click-free, it is loose lay collections.

TOP-JOY Loose lay vinyl flooring, its installation is directly putted on the ground and neatly arranged. It develops to reduce installation time. And it can be replaced or removed and re-installed without damage to substrate or sub-floor.

The backing type is discontinued, mix iron powder, high intensity, good weigh,
tightly close on the floor, doesn't move itself. Due to the good softness, loose lay vinyl flooring can adjust the ups and downs if the ground is uneven.

With this method of installation, TOP-JOY loose lay vinyl flooring is widely used in hospitals, education, office, industrial, hotel, business, home, and more interior spaces.

We have three pattern designs for loose lay vinyl flooring, wood pattern, stone pattern, carpet pattern. All of them, thickness is 4.0mm-5.0mm, wear layer thickness is 0.3mm-0.7mm. Wood pattern, combining influences from natural textures like wood, the breath of the forest is around in your room or office. Stone Pattern, replicating the natural beauty of stone, designed to provide easy access to under floor utilities. It is a very good choice to decorate the ground with its retro and simple stone surface. Carpet pattern, it can splits joint many beautiful styles with sliver, and it is eco-friendly formaldehyde-free.

Now installing your new loose lay vinyl flooring on your ground.




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