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Flooring Installation

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How to Install PVC Flooring


Do you want to save much money ? Do you want unforgettable happy time when you decorate your house? We would like to introduce the installation of PVC flooring tile. It is really easy even for the beginner.

Step1 , Before install PVC flooring, you should remove all the obstacles in the room, such as the furniture, washer, fridge etc. Sweep the floor, and keep it is clean and flat. If there is old flooring, it is ok that as long as it is flat and dry. If you want, you could also remove the old flooring.

Step2, Measure the house, and calculate how many pieces of the vinyl flooring needed for each room.

At the edge near the wall, you could cut the flooring. Just calculate precise size, and cut. In prevent of wasting flooring, you could cut paper in advance.

Step 3, Prepare the glue, which is special for the vinyl flooring. Make sure that the floor is dry before brush the glue. You could brush glue on the floor one line by one line, and lay the PVC flooring. Just remove the extra glue. After lay all the vinyl flooring, leave them alone to keep dry.

It is just so easy to install the PVC flooring. Hope enjoy your installation time.

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