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Flooring Installation

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How to install vinyl plank flooring?


Before installing vinyl plank flooring, make sure the room temperature is not too much different from 64°F - 79°F for a period of 24 hours. This temperature should be maintained during installation.

The subfloor should be clean and flat. Use leveling compound if the subfloor is not flat. Remove vinyl plank from the packaging, spread out in the room to acclimate it to its now environment. Mix all the planks from different packages together to ensure a uniform color distribution. And start to install along a wall. Cut the plank to match the room corner’s size, stick the vinyl plank on the floor, make sure each plank to the glue strip by aligning its edge with the plank next to it.

After installed, make sure nobody walk through and do not wash it for 24 hours. Then you can enjoy your nice room.

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