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Flooring Installation

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How to Install WPC Click Flooring


WPC Flooring can be installed over concrete flooring, and wood sub flooring, and could also installed over existing hard surface flooring. However,How much do you know about the WPC click flooring installation? Today we will installed on the existing carpet.  Let's learn to install wpc flooring through the above video!

Specific installation steps are as follows:
1. First, before installation, the WPC plank should be lay down smoothly at least 24 hours in the room.
2. Second, you must confirm the subfloor is level and clean before installation. 
3. Third, Let’s start to install.  Look, these are our WPC click flooring, there are many different colors for your option. It has Unilin click
    structure four sides. Just click them to each other, it is really too easy. Then repeat this operation. 
4. Forth, If meet the corner, you could cut the extra parts with knife. 

After Watching the video, do you comprehend the wpc interlocking installation?  Do you know the wpc click flooring? Could you say some advantages of wpc clock flooring? Now let's see together!  You know the WPC Click Flooring common thicness is 5.5mm-10mm.They have many advantages,such as easy clean, prevent bacteria, solid, durable,sustainable and so on.So it is very popular among people. This picture show different color and grain.

After installation, your home will add mildness and happiness.

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