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Flooring Ideas

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How to Make PVC Floor Vitality


PVC Floor is important role in our life. It can add luster for our life, moreover, it will impact on our health. PVC Floor is ignored by us and do not pay attention to maintenance, so it's luster has gradually buried it. So how to make PVC Floor have life is more importance. Let’s learn it now.

The method as follows:

1.PVC Floor need frequent dusting.
If you use broom or vacuum cleaner remove dust, You will need frequent dusting. So It will give you comfortable feel. Furthermore, in order to prevent dirt from entering the house, you can be placed dust-proof pad in the entry.
2.PVC Floor need to keep dry, clean.
If you use a mop to clean the PVC Floor, the mop must to be dry. The too wet mop will cause PVC Floor deformation.

3.PVC Floor need use proper nursing products.
The proper nursing products will prolong life of PVC Floor. So choose some suitable and healthy nursing products will make your life more comfortable. You must remember use one product just.

4.Furniture movement need to be careful.
If you move the PVC Floor, we will recommend the lift way. It can avoid scratching the floor. To further protect your PVC Floor, you can add shims in the bottom of the furniture.

The above ways will make PVC Floor distribute lasting luster. Make your life better.

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