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How to Match PVC Floor and Decorative Style?


There are many home improvement styles in modern life. The consumers will choose their favorite style decoration. Let’s enjoy the Chinese home style now. How choose the PVC floor to match the Chinese style? Creating the soft assembly decorated style of its charm.


1.Chinese home from culture and rationality

Chinese style home has three main elements: Layering feeling, wooden frame and religious feeling.

1)The layering feeling will give people a formal and orderly feeling. It is require use window frames or screens to cut off in need isolate the line of sight of the place.

2)The traditional wooden frame has calm and mature sense. There are many people like this style before.

3)The religious feeling is also obtained in Chinese style.


The suitable floor should have several points as follows.

Color, Material: The teak department, mahogany floor is suitable. It is suitable to match deep maroon, black furniture. It is not only expression the cultural mood, but also increase the wealth for your home.

There are many other decorative styles and interesting events, please pay attention to us.

To be continued......

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