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How to Match PVC Flooring with Northern Europe Style?


Do you know the Northern Europe Style? How to choose the PVC Flooring to match Northern Europe Style?

There are some characteristics on Northern Europe styles.

1) Be Simple:  Their decorations are known as being simple. They only use the lines and blocks of color to distinguish the
    embellishment between the flooring and wall.
2) Be Clean:  They do not like extra modification, but keep the wall, furniture and some chairs clean, which will create a clean
    and full of harmony personalized home.
3) Be Functional:  As for furniture, they prefer to be pursuit of being practical and functional, rather than be carved.

There some Points when it comes to choosing PVC Flooring.

1) Color: Neutral and dark PVC flooring is more suitable for the Northern Family,  which will highlight the good taste of room
2) Material: There are many materials for their choices, such PVC, Wood, Tile and so on.

There are many other decorative styles and interesting events, please pay attention to us.

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