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Flooring Care

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PVC Flooring Care


PVC flooring has been a new popular and light decorative materials of floor and it has many advantages, like anti-microbic, anti-slip, sound-absorbing, comfortable feet feeling and easy to clean. Scientific cleaning and maintenance for PVC flooring will lead to brighter color and prolong longevity.

1.Regularly clear various pollutants on the flooring
Dust and sands will damage the surface of flooring,and impregnation substances could discolor PVC flooring possibly, therefore we must remove these those substances and sweep timely. 
2.Avoid hard and rough cleaning equipment
When serious impregnation happens,you need use neutral reagent and scrub flooring with wet linen afterwards. To prevent sharp objects damaging the flooring surface, steel wire ball and scouring pad must be prohibited.
3.Prohibit flooring soaking
Dipping in water for long time will affect flooring working life though waterproof glue can obstruct water, water will enter into the joint parts and result in loose connection.
Don’t often clear waxed flooring using wet mop in order to avoid sewage sticking to floor, the wax layer will be cracked in that case over time.
4.Use alcohol to remove special pollutant
Remove solvent, oil paint and medicine immediately on flooring with alcohol.
5.Reinforce waxing maintenance
Reinforce waxing maintenance for PVC flooring in places with large population flow and abrasion, put doormat at the entrance of public places to resist dirt.

6.Pay attention to fire prevention and high temperature
Fire will break the PVC flooring through fireproofing grade B1, so don’t put burning cigarette end, mosquito-repellent incense and any other high-temperature object on the flooring directly.

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