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Flooring Care

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Summer keep your vinyl flooring clean


Summer is coming. Bacteria easily breeds this time. It is very important to keep your vinyl flooring clean, avoiding the bacteria.

It is better that clean vinyl flooring with wet mop every day. If there is oil contamination, it is easy to clean with detergent. What’s more, our PVC flooring is anti-slip. You won’t fall down when the PVC flooring is wet. What’s more, the feeling of our vinyl flooring is great. It is not too cool like ceramic or too warm real wood floor.
At the connection of different area or the joint with wall, you could use skirting to make up the gaps. So that the bacteria has no place to hide.
There are some tips to keep health in summer:
Drink more water in summer, making up the lost water. At least four cups upon rising, and similar amounts if you are going out for activities and exercise.
Take the sun umbrella or wear hat when you are under the sun. While enjoying the sun and outdoors, protect yourself from overexposure to sunlight.

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