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Flooring knowledge

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The Install Knowledge of PVC Rolls Floor


The PVC Rolls Floor can see on everywhere, such as hospital, office, family, school, market, bus garage and so on. How much do you know about the PVC Rolls floor installation? It is helpful for our life. Let’s study it together now.

1.  Curling the half PVC Rolls Floor Curl, begin smear glue on the ground.

Please note the following point:
1) The each coating area not exceed of the half Rolls proportion.
2) After covering the Rolls Floor, using special roller press repeatedly compaction. So the under floor gas will squeeze out.
3) The half other PVC Rolls Floor will repeat the operation.

2.  Keeping the same direction of Rolls Floor, when laying the second row floor. The adjacent floor need overlap 15mm, then using the mark scraper to draw lines and cut.

3.  Cleaning the ground and Rolls Floor backing dust before smear glue, so the seam is very tightness. Please set aside the thickness of a coin in seam.

4.  Welding should carry out after bonding Rolls Floor the next day.




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