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Flooring knowledge

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The Process of Produce LVT


More and more family choose the LVT(luxury vinyl tile) to decorate their home,some of them is curious about the workcraft process,and some of them still worry about the safety,whether LVT is environmental for human,now let us explain all process to you,then all doubt will be clear.
1.Mix raw material:
   Mix PVC powder, plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, fillers and other raw materials together ,then send the raw material into the heating machine for melting.

   Manufacturing semi-finished products, middle layer and bottom layer in this process.

   Cutting the wear-resistant layer, print decorative layer in accordance with the size of products.

4.Stack different layer together
   Stack wear-resistant layer, print decorative layer, middle layer and bottom layer in order according to product's structure and client’s requirements.

5.Heating pressure
   All layers will be stuck together closely after heating-pressure.

6.UV Coating 
   According to clients’ requirement,solidify semi-product’s PU paiting,make mass product wear-resistant,easily clean.

   The finished products after heating is not stable,re-heat the finished products can make them stable.

8.Lay mass products 
   Lay mass products in constant temperature room for cooling.

9.Cut into right size 
   According to the clients’ requirement,cut the finished product into right size.

     According to the clients’ requiement,beveling make the pattern of wood/marble/granite resemble.

     Inspect the final product,chiefly about the product shape and quantity.

     Pack the product by carton.

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