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Flooring Care

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The suggestions to clean vinyl floors


The following suggestions are as a guideline, it can be changed according to different situation.

For daily cleaning:
* In order to reduce the risk of staining, clean spills on the floor as soon as possible.
* With a mop sweep or vacuum to remove any loose dirt or dust on vinyl floor.
* With a neutral cleanser to remove stubborn marks if needed.
* Use entrance mats to protect against grit and moisture.

For weekly cleaning:
* If there’s light scratches on the vinyl flooring surface, remove it by basic stripper, wipe it by mop with clean water.
* If there’s heavier scuffing on the vinyl flooring surface, make it clean first, then smooth it by dry buff fitted with a suitable clean pad.

For periodically maintenance:
* Assess the appearance of the vinyl floor first. If there’s stubborn marks, scrub them with a scrubber dryer machine, meanwhile using a neutral or alkaline detergent.
* Clean vinyl flooring with water and allow it to dry.

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