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Flooring knowledge

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Tools and Precautions of WPC Flooring Installation


1. tools:

Tape :Measuring space length and width
Pencil: Marking the position of the cutting floor
Rubber hammer and a wood waste:They are used to tap the floor and prevent damage of the floor
Bow saws and hand saws: Cutting the floor so that it can be put into a small space Shims or pads. They ensure that there is 6.35-12.7mm expansion joints between floor and wall


2. Precautions:

1. Something to do before installation
First, putting the WPC floor covering in the vicinity at least 48 hours, allowing the floor to adapt to the room climate.
Secondly, making the subfloor clean and flat,and self-leveling is necessary if needed.

2. Something else to do in installation
(1) When install the first row of floor coverings, the second row flooring interlock in to the first row.
(2) Rubber hammer is always used to tap,so that tenon and notch connect closely.
(3) Do the same as the step 1, 2.

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