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Flooring Ideas

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Vinyl Flooring: Fashion of Today


Approximately 25% of today’s households with children are demanding condos and urban townhouses, a shift from the nearly

zero percent of families who sought out those options previously. The construction of rental apartments is at its highest level in

25 years. But the good news is, these units are getting rented with absorption at its fastest pace in a decade.

The two biggest segments influencing multi-family housing design today are Baby Boomers and Generation Y/Millennials.
Generation Y, Millennials and Echo-Boomers are the 20-something year olds who have bridged a generational gap that will

truly shape how new development occurs throughout America cities during the next few decades.

How does this affect the flooring market? Gen Y’ers are looking for:
• Interconnectedness & mobility
• Smaller units with big tech
• Common spaces like roof decks or event rooms
• Accommodation for furry friends

Everybody caters to echo boomer tastes. Their sheer size deserves attention and can’t be underestimated. There are 72

million Echo Boomers ages 18 – 29 in the US today! These multi-tasking younger professionals crave interconnectedness

and mobility, value the most up-to-date communications devices so they can operate from just about anywhere and downplay

physical space as well as privacy.
Vinyl flooring has proven to be the perfect match for these savvy consumers. It meets all of their needs at an affordable price point.

(article Courtesy of IVC Flooring).

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