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Flooring Installation

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What subflooring is suitable for PVC flooring


Before install the PVC flooring, is there any requirement of the subflooring? Which kind of sub-flooring could be used?

1.Common cement flooring
Cement flooring doesn't need self-leveling, no matter vinyl flooring roll or vinyl plank. However there is basic requirement: no sands, no drum, no craking, good ground strength, stable, and the ground humidity requirements: less than 4.5%. What's more, there shouldn't  be grease, paint, glue, chemical solutions or colored pigment, etc. Otherwise, the self-leveling will be needed.

2. Wood flooring
The vinyl flooring could also been installed on wood flooring. Because of the poor stability, we suggest to use glue and wood powder to repair the joint, to make the subflooring is smooth. After install the vinyl flooring, there will be joint mark. You can't make the self-leveling on the wood flooring. If you really want to, you must remove the wood flooring.

 3. Vitrifiable brick flooring
Vinyl flooring could also install on the vitrifiable brick flooring. There will be also the joint mark after installation. If you want beautiful and smooth surface, you could use the putty to make the gap up , then polish the sub-flooring before installation.  

4. Epoxy resin floor
Sure that epoxy resin flooring is also suitable for vinyl flooring, however the self-leveling can't be made on the it. Otherwise there will be delamination phenomenon. You could install the vinyl flooring directly. And you should polish and ungrease treatment before installation.

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