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Why PVC Floor is Better than Rubber Floor


Do you know what’s difference between PVC Floor and Rubber Floor? Let’s learn the Rubber Floor and PVC Floor now.
The Rubber Floor is consisted of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and polymer materials. PVC Floor is based on pvc resin , calcium carbonate, pigments, dyes and surface treating agent. 

Difference between Rubber Floor and PVC floor

(1) Color difference: Because rubber have a strong color absorption, so that Rubber Floor is difficult to color. This make Rubber Floor color relatively simple. However, PVC Floor have many colors, so it can provide more combination for designers.

(2)   Difference of Market demand and abrasion resistance: Due to high price of Rubber Floor, so It is used to some high-end places, narrow range. For PVC Floor, It is highly cost effective, so It have great potential in market. The Rubber Floor is more wear-resisting than PVC Floor.

(3)Installation difference: PVC Floor texture is light, so It is easy installation. For Rubber Floor is more laborious. PVC Floor Simple installation will make cost reduction.

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