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Flooring knowledge

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Why We Suggest Decorating Your Land by the PVC Flooring?


As is well-known to everyone, PVC flooring have lots of advantages---anti-slip, wear resistant, water proof and so on, and it is not easy become old and transformation. The surface of PVC flooring is transparent wear layer, the layer’s abrasion resistance is up to 300000 rpm, but the laminated flooring is just about 13000 rpm. The PVC flooring also have good noise avoiding function.

Ceramic tile is more beautiful and colorful than vinyl flooring, but it is easy slip,especially some water exist on the surface. If you decorate a living room,ceramic tile is worse than LVT, PVC roll or wood flooring on anti-slip,but the color is better than the others.
PVC flooring have good anti-slip and glossiness, it will become hard to fall down once the surface get some water. So most of the hospital and school use the PVC flooring instead of the others flooring.

2.Wear resistant
No matter how many people at home, wear resistant is very important for the flooring.If the wear resistant is not good, the flooring will abrase after several years,and it will make powder that is very bad for health.
The good quality ceramic tile and wood flooring will strengthen the surface for improving the wear resistant, and the PVC flooring will plus a transparent wear layer so that its abrasion resistance is up to 300000 rpm.
The PVC flooring’s wear resistant is so good that most of hospital, school, office building, shopping mall, supermarket, bus, metro and so on use it.

3.Water proof
In the south of china, when the summer coming, surround will become wet and moisture.Especially the people live at first floor, the ground is covered by water-drop,and it make everyone easily fall down. But the PVC flooring can insulate the water from the ground.

PVC flooring is become very popular, and it will be trend used for decorate the home. TOP-JOY is specialized in this field, please join us and expand the vinyl flooring to all of the world.

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